Drawing Fundamentals (6-weeks)

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The time has come to learn how to draw from the Fundamentals.

Join me in this six-week course to learn the fundamentals of drawing.
Based on my article, The Stairs, my simple system to find out what you don't know and what you need to learn to draw anything you want.

In this class, I've put the things most students are having problems with and make them feel frustrated!
I've been working a lot designing this class to get the most out of our time together.

A six weeks walkthrough of The Stairs with heavyweight homework assignments.

During these weeks, I will visually and practically explain what are to me the fundamentals of Drawing.
Every student will get individual feedback from me to know exactly how to fix that weak point and advance to the Next Step.
I can promise you that if you take this course seriously, your drawing skills will improve tremendously.
You have my word.

We are going to meet weekly, live. Just like in the real world, but online!
Every meeting will include the lecture, and the next week's assignment with the instructions on how to do it properly.
Classes are recorded so you can watch them again during the course.
You will receive individual critiques on your work each week in video format.
What materials do you need?
Pencil and paper, as you will discover your personal favorites along with the Sessions.

You can reach me by DM me at my Instagram @diluc If you have any further questions.

The Stairs by Diego Lucia - 


After years of teaching, I've found out that there are some steps in learning how to draw, which are more challenging than others. There's always a point that you struggle against it. Well, these notes are the results of many years of studying, learning, and teaching drawing. I want to start by making sure we are on the same page.